This is me - Tequi - I was born 11.03.2006 in the cold capital of Norway, in family house which has been built in the slope above the railway with great view to the see and ships. Even if I have northen base from my parents, in my body is Mexican „dynamite“ of toreador promoted by drink from „century plant“. Danny is my older exemplar, I can only envy to his success. But I am also speaking Spanish… Hablo espaňol tambien. Seňoras y seňoritas me llamo X-pected Dine Mites Tequilo deBorek. ¿Por que? Soy tan fuerte como la tequila y dinamita.

Something about me

name Tequilo deBorek
breeding station X-Pected Dine Mites
father X-Pected Dine Mites Robin Hood
dam X-Pected Dine Mites Nobodys Darling
date of birth 11. 3. 2006
sex male
high 42,5 cm
other Tequilo has all teeth
medical inspections von Willebrandt disease - clear
CWA-Clear / RD-Clear / PHTVL / PHPV-Clear / Katarakt-Clear
PRA-Clear / Test result Patella Luxation: Clear

My success

Manchester Terrier Happening

Tequi repeated the incredible string of fantastic results on MTH (Manchester Terrier Happening) and after two years, this time in Poland in total again with an overview won. In Saturday's total games won and compete with full points, in the sprint took third place and in Sunday's exhibition was the winner (BOB, BIS). The exhibition took over for the third time which has practically no equivalent. In the history of MTH is already long time a legend. He competed in 2007 as a first time and just finished on the second place. Since then alternated only first and second places, which is more than fantastic and the twenty-second history of MTH does not remember anything like that. It is worth noting that in 2010 Tequi Happening did not participate because we organized this event. So from six starts Tequi has three first places (no other dog in the three victories reached) and three second places. For completeness, it should be noted that in 2009 in Berlin took first divided place and to additional competition and fell lath sentenced him to silver. Tequi approaching veteran age, his incredible sum successes is close to completion. Always his active career will remind reading the labels on the Challenge Cup.

After 1 year pause Tequi joined Happening again. The pause was only because we organized MTH in Czech Republic last year. Due to the fair-play reason and limited time usually the organizers are not joining games and exhibition. Even if this pause Tequi was in very good condition with elegant charm. The first day, after all games and obedience, he was missing only a few points behind of the best dogs, just to enjoy feeling of total winner of exhibition on Sunday. Based on this triumph he got a lot points that nobody from 103 dogs could beat him. This means that Tequi is total MTH winner second time in his life and it is definitely written to twenty years history of MTH. Now he has same number of victory as Danny who is his big example but also the best result in history. Only four dogs have victory two times. Apparently during the time will be this fantastic success appreciated.

larger picture

After two years Tequilo came back to his country of birth. We could tell it was like King´s return. This Scandinavian country arranged Manchester Terrier Happening for the first time. Native Tequi is written as a total winner. The same name will stay on the challenge trophy. The victory was not so eays or hap-hazard. The beginning of victory was big success on the dog show where Tequi beat all his dog rivals. The second day in the morning Tequi showed how good is in the sprint. And his triumph rounded with his excellent obedience and feeling for unpredictable games. Based on great success in Norway, Tequi is second dog living in Czech Republic (after Danny) which reserved the place for his name on the challenge trophy.

Tequi´s first Happening was in Holland but he was so little tiny that he did not join it as active member but just like onlooker. With live ammunition he started this year in Dorsten. And his entrance was in a big style. Danny, his older exemplar, was not spared, Tequi was placed in front of him. And in the total from his 85 rivals he was the only one dog which picked only a few more points.

  • 2013 Wisla, Poland - 1st place of games and obedience, 3rd place of sprint, dogshow winner (BOB, BIS), total winner MTH.
  • 2012 Witney Oxfordshire, Great Britain - 2nd and 3rd place of games, obedience and sprint, total 2nd place from 89 manchester terriers.
  • 2011 Werdenberg, Switzerland - dogshow winner (BOB, BIS), total winner MTH from 103 manchester terriers.
  • 2009 Berlin, Germany - 2nd place of games, obedience and sprint, 2nd place MTH in open class, total 2nd place from 101 manchester terriers.
  • 2008 Vestby, Norway - winner of obedience, winner of sprint, total winner MTH in open class, total winner MTH from all dogs, total 1st place.
  • 2007 Dorsten, Germany - winner of obedience, total winner MTH in young class, total 2nd place from 86 manchester terriers.